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Children's Learning Center

The Children's Learning Center provides:

  • 国家许可的15个月至5岁儿童保育中心
  • An application process for those interested
  • Lab site for Early Childhood Education students

See us when you:

  • Are interested in receiving child-care
  • 有兴趣在儿童学习中心工作吗
  • Have questions about the application

我们为胜博发app的学生、员工和社区成员提供子女托儿服务. 报名先到先得,学生优先报名. Register early – spaces fill up quickly!

Registering is a two-step process:

  1. Complete an application.
  2. Pay registration fees in Registration A258, either in person or over the phone at (815) 455-8588. 儿童学习中心不接受付款. 注册费应在与CLC主任确认日期和时间后支付.
  • Potty Training

    “绿屋”里的孩子不需要接受如厕训练. 尿布每两个小时检查和更换一次,如果需要,可以更频繁地更换. 一旦你在家里胜博发app了如厕训练过程, 请与老师讨论你的策略,这样整个过程才能保持一致.

    学前教育项目的孩子在胜博发app前必须接受如厕训练. The classroom is not equipped for diaper changing, 虽然我们知道孩子有时会发生意外. In these instances, 老师将帮助孩子们换衣服, encouraging independence as much as possible.

  • Personal Items

    绿房间和红房间的每个孩子都需要尿布、湿巾和换洗的衣服. 对于正在学习上厕所的孩子,我们建议多换几件衣服. If your child will be here for rest time, you are welcome to bring a favorite blanket or nap toy, although it is not required.

    蓝屋的每个孩子至少需要换一套衣服. Additionally, on days specified on the monthly calendar, 孩子们将有机会带来展示和讲述的项目与全班分享.

  • Food

    我们每天在绿室和红室提供两份小吃和一份午餐. No need to bring a sippy cup, we have those available.

    We provide a snack during each preschool session.

    每个孩子都应该在他们的急救卡上列出过敏信息,以便在必要时进行替换. 不能从家里带食物,除非你孩子的医生证明有不可替代的过敏.

  • Daily Schedules

    孩子们在“中心”度过一天的大部分时间,在那里他们选择他们想参加的区域和活动. 他们可以在街区建造,参加艺术项目,或者选择另一个感兴趣的领域. 孩子们可以自由地在中心之间移动,并可以按照自己的节奏进行活动. Here is a detailed breakdown of daily activities.

    孩子们一年到头都要出去好几次, 只要不下雨,温度在15到96度之间(包括风寒或热指数). Always dress your child appropriately for the weather.

    We have a scheduled rest time after lunch. 每个休息的孩子将提供一张婴儿床、床单和毯子. 不午睡的孩子要在他们的小床上安静地休息一个小时, 根据伊利诺伊州儿童和家庭服务部(DCFS)的许可规定. They may look at books during that time. 在我们规定的休息时间之前或之后入睡的孩子将在教室内获得舒适和安全的休息空间.

  • Childcare Pricing
    Childcare Pricing
    Room Age Registration Fee
    Hourly Rate Extra Hours Fees Drop-In Fees
    per hour
    Green 15 months to 3 years $25 per semester MCC students $5.75 MCC students $6.25
    MCC employees, community members $6.75 MCC employees, community members $7.25
    Red 2.5 to 6 years $25 per semester MCC students $5.50  MCC students $6
    MCC employees, community members $6.50 MCC employees, community members $7
    Extra Hour Fees
    已经注册并定期参加的儿童是否需要偶尔额外照顾一个小时, extra hours may be available.
    Drop-In Fees
    以临时入学身份注册的儿童将需要在CLC中存档最新的文件. With 24-hours advance notice, 如果有空位,已登记但未按预定时间参加的儿童可以下车, with director approval.


    Please note: 如果您的孩子在中午到下午1点之间签约,则需要额外支付3美元的午餐费用.m.

    We charge for your contracted hours, regardless of attendance, because we are saving that space for your child. We mail bills out every four weeks.

  • Preschool Pricing

    Registration fee is $25 per semester.

    Preschool Schedule and Pricing
    Age Days Time Cost per Month
    Three-Year-Olds (Three by September 1, current year) Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to noon $130
    Four-Year-Olds (Four by September 1, current year) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m. to noon $175

You can pay by

  • 现金、支票或信用卡到登记办公室,A258
  • credit card over the phone by calling registration at (815) 455-8588

Not sure how much you owe or have billing questions? Email

Child Care Financial Assistance and Payroll Deductions

If you are a student who receives financial aid, 你可以用可用的资金来照顾孩子. 欲了解更多信息,请直接联系财政援助 (815) 455-8761 or see financial aid information.

我们通过4-C(社区协调儿童保育)接受儿童保育经济援助. Contact them directly at (800) 848-8727, extension 225. 请注意,4-C并不总是包括我们收取的全部费用, 因此,除了每月的自付费用和午餐外,父母/监护人还要负责差额, if applicable.