McHenry County College Statement on Harassment 和 歧视

The College seeks to maintain an academic 和 work environment free from 骚扰 和 歧视 for 学生, 教师, 和工作人员. Harassment 和 歧视 are contrary to the st和ards of the College community; they diminish individual dignity 和 impede equal 就业 和 educational opportunities.

In compliance with all applicable laws, the College prohibits 歧视 和骚扰 based on race, color, creed or religion, 性, national origin, 祖先, 年龄, order of protection status, 婚姻状况, physical or mental disabilities, 军事地位, 性ual orientation, gender-related identity, 怀孕, unfavorable military discharge, or other factors prohibited by law in admissions, 就业, participation in educational programs, 或活动. Decisions regarding 就业 include hiring, 促销活动, 终止, w年龄s or salaries, 好处, 和 other terms 和 conditions of 就业.

恐吓, 歧视, 和骚扰, including 性ual 歧视, can arise from a broad range of verbal, 非语言的, 和/or physical behaviors. 歧视, 骚扰, 和/or intimidation can be perpetrated by employees, 学生, outside contractors, or other individuals on the College’s premises The College strictly prohibits such misconduct 和 similar unacceptable activities that could become a condition of 就业 or a basis for educational or personnel decisions, or which create a hostile environment.

Any employee or student who eng年龄s in 歧视 or 骚扰, or who retaliates against another individual for making or participating in the investigation of a report of 歧视 or 骚扰, is subject to discipline, up to 和 including 终止 or expulsion from the College.

Individuals who believe they have experienced 骚扰 or 歧视 prohibited by the statements above are encour年龄d to contact the appropriate office. 学生 should contact the Office of Student Conduct, A252, at (815) 455-8696. Employees should contact the Title IX Coordinator at (815) 455-8554.