A group of nine diverse professionals sit around a table 和 watch a White man write on a white board at the front of the room.

Workforce Training

Become a leader in your workplace or build the skills of your team with MCC’s Workforce Training program, offering open-enrollment professional development courses 和 customized workforce training options.

Our engaging classes are structured to allow learners to immediately transfer new skills from the classroom to the workplace 和 cover a broad range of technical, 就业能力, 和 managerial skills needed for success in today’s fast-paced business world.

Open-Enrollment Workforce Training Topics

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Register Work Groups for Workforce Training

联络我们: (815) 455-8593 if you would like to enroll multiple people or employees in a workforce training course.

From discovery to delivery, partner with McHenry County College to develop affordable customized training solutions that are relevant to your unique needs. We begin with an in-depth assessment of just one employee group or your entire organization 和 then work with experienced industry trainers 和 consultants to create 和 deliver high-quality development programs.

Together we can create customized training that meets your specific goals such as:

  • impacting employee job performance
  • focusing on priority business challenges
  • reinforcing processes, procedures, 和 best practices
  • maximizing learning convenience through flexible scheduling

Programs can be provided virtually in synchronous 和 asynchronous formats or held in person at your location, at the Shah Center in McHenry, or at a site of your choosing.

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